statement shock

statement shock
• The shock a person experiences when they see a large balance on their credit card statement, particularly in January.
• The shock a person experiences when they see a large drop in the value of their investment portfolio.
Example Citation:
• "Credit card bills, reminders of holiday excess, are making January look bleak for some people. Consumer Alert, a national consumer group, offers a free, two-page budget planner for those experiencing 'statement shock.' "
— "Consumer Notes," The Indianapolis Star
• "Across New York these days, the post office is delivering 'statement shock.' That's what is inside the envelopes from the brokerage firms and mutual funds showing jaw-dropping third-quarter numbers for the billions invested in 401(k)s and retirement plans."
— Virginia Breen, "How to Cope with Plunging Stocks," Daily News (New York)
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